Products: Other Solutions

Below are other time saving infection prevention and control related software products we offer. These solutions are in addition to our new Mobile Hand Hygiene Auditing and Antimicrobial Stewardship software offerings. All solutions can be interfaced with your Admitting (ADT), Laboratory, Pharmacy, Surgery, Nursing and Radiology and other external systems. Most importantly all solutions are fully integrated with the IPAC Administrator.


 OS1 – OR Administrator

OR Administrator

The OR Administrator is an innovative system that captures surgery related details - ideal for facilities without O.R. software or facilities reporting surgical procedure denominator data to the NHSN.

  • Save time capturing surgery details and reduce risk of potential data entry errors with a easy to use customizable wizard
  • Save hours by exporting surgical procedure denominator information to the NHSN with a click of a button instead of manually entering information on the CDC web site
  • Eliminate need for a surgery interface.


 Infection surveillance lab results screen

Device Administrator

The Device Administrator is ideal for any department that tracks and reports device usage information.

  • Quickly Record device related details and bundle compliancy information
  • Easily produce device day related reports and analysis.
  • Save duplicate data entry as device information and summarized device related denominators are immediately made available to the IPAC Administrator
  • Easily document device related infections and perform accurate rate per 1000 device day analysis


 OS4 – Isolation Administrator graphic

Isolation Administrator

Record/manage isolation information manually or automatically from your ADT system.

  • Automatically have suspected isolation related cases created; receive automatic notification of potential outbreaks before they happen
  • Produce a variety of flexible and customizable reports showing isolation related information
  • Easily export isolation/precaution information to MS Excel; entered information is immediately available for use within the IPAC Administrator.


 OS4 – Immunization Administrator graphic

Immunization Administrator

Comprehensively manage all patient/staff immunization records to reduce the frequency and severity of infections and outbreaks in your organization.

  • Easily generate re-immunization lists, Immunization Log and History reports
  • Record declinations and produce Immunization Summary reports
  • Determine immunization status of patient/client/staff at any time, such as during an outbreak.


 OS3 – Education Administrator

Education Administrator

    Track and report on all in-services done at your facility
  • Interface with Admission and Personnel systems to further reduce entry time as well as duplication and other errors
  • Easily produce a variety of reports and determine who is due for another in-service