Products: IPAC Administrator – Infection Prevention and Control Software

Our IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) Administrator is a trusted, affordable, comprehensive and easy to use Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) surveillance and case management system used by over 350 facilities throughout North America.

We are 100% focused on Infection Prevention and Control – our software is not an add-on module of a larger system.

Our software can fit any budget and any size organization - from small outpatient clinics to large health systems, consisting of multiple hospitals and long term care facilities.
Benefits Integration Feature Overview Mobility
  • Enter cases quickly and efficiently, reducing workload and increasing your time caring for patients and education staff and patients
  • Receive real time alerts of events requiring immediate attention so precautions can be taken immediately
  • Receive early warnings of potential outbreaks improving patient safety and reducing hospital costs per patient related to human resource, overhead, equipment, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy costs
  • Effectively communicate with staff
  • Ensure standardization of information (e.g., case definitions) resulting in complete, accurate, timely and consistent documentation 
  • Answer ad hoc queries in seconds as opposed to hours when compared to Excel or paper based systems
  • Automatically generate customizable and dynamic reports and graphs that meet any internal and external reporting requirement
  • Export data to NHSN and other organizations with a click of a button