Products: HH Administrator – Mobile Hand Hygiene Auditing Software


Rapid Auditing: With the use of an iPad, Android, or other tablet, effortlessly record multiple observations and let the system collate the information for you.
Rapid Reporting: Create custom, flexible real-time reports in seconds that meet any reporting requirement. Easily slice and dice the data for an unparalleled level of detail and sophistication.
Dashboards: Customizable, user-friendly dashboards give you at-a-glance views of how your unit, floor or facility is tracking.
Benefits Integration Feature Overview Mobility
  • Record multiple observations all at the same time
  • No rekeying of any information. The data flows directly into the CKM database
  • Easily create reports to send to any government agency
  • Powerful data analysis
  • Ability to produce customizable data and graphical reporting